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Facebook took 1 year to gather 1 million users. Frenzzup would start on day 1 with 1.2 Million users

Anil Gowda:

A series of strange coincidences.

🔹Anubhav Mittal & Social Trade deciding to start Social Networking Platform in India similar to Facebook in India.

🔹Created & Launched a new Social Networking Platform called along with a social commerce platform called

🔹Planned & migrated 12 Lakh user Ids to Frenzzup to start the Social Networking site with a bang.

🔹Facebook took 1 year to gather 1 million users. Frenzzup would start on day 1 with 1.2 Million users.

🔹Suddenly Facebook decides to promote FB pages for small businesses in India. ( This is a feature of FB that was always available)

🔹And of all the places & dynamic & business friendly states in India ( especially like states looking for business like Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisghar, Jharkand, Karnataka),  it chose Uttar Pradesh !

🔹Incidentally ST / Ablaze office is located in Noida, which is located in UP.  That means only the Govt of UP has control on that particular area.

🔹More curious is the whole point, that Uttar Pradesh is in the election month .

🔹Political parties need funds for elections , especially during this era of demonitisation.

🔹Facebook wants to stop a strong & fast growing competition company like Ablaze from coming into a industry space where it has no competition till now.

( think of it..FB has virtually no competition on the Internet…..unlike amazon has flipkart or snapdragon etc)

🔹And political parties need funds for elections.

🔹So suddenly in the middle of super busy elections campaigns, UP govt conveniently  found time to announce a joint initiative with Facebook to promote Small businesses on Facebook  ( exact same idea as Frenzzup

🔹And 2 days after is launched and everyone is busy creating their pages and campaigns, the Frenzzup promoters and management are taken into custody on the complaint of 1 or 2 users.

🔹 Strangely enough, directly Special Task Force ( usually meant for serious criminals)  comes into action instead of Police – Cyber Crime branch.

🔹 STF moves with rapid speed freezing accounts of Abalze , shutting down offices, making FIR and going to court for custody and calling  super urgent Press Conference with National Press. All in a matter of 1-2 days.

We need to continue our fight against this wrong allegations…else no will ever dream of making it big in India.. lets us shout & tell the world the truth ! Let justice prevail !



This is Mounica.We have generated our ids on 24th january 2017..done work for single day….did not received single payment till now…..still we are positive…you people also please stay positive.
Because….All the below are postive waves for getting back of social trade operations..
1.Income tax clean chit on taxation and accounting matters.
2.Central board of Excise and customs clean chit on service tax matters.
3.Expose india media supported that social trade volunteers are first in indian history to support their CEO like this even when entire world is saying it as a scam.
4.Many companies in india are suffering even today because of SEBI…so we are lucky …that sebi not to interfere in Social trade matters.
4.Lawyers and advoctes are giving postive hopes that no allegations against anubhav mittal have been proved till the date.
5.Gouravpradhan who is the world top 10 certified hackers…he took this issue as voluntarily…and doing research with his team to prove that social trade is not a scam and its doing authenticated operations.He also said all the cases are disposed in favour of anubhav mittal till date and only one is pending.This is social trade force power.
6.STF is unable to show single proof to support their allegations against Mr.Anubhav mittal.
7.As you all know there are several companies in India like webworks,bitcoin,champcash…etc.,recently facebook also joined this line of business….so if social trade is scam…all these companies will also get into a situation of not continuing their operations.
All these positive waves…are only just because of social trade volunteers unity… jantar mantar rally….and supporting videos on youtube……
So we will stay positive till our CEO is back…lets fight together….
So we should do candle march also with great  strength and power……
Mr.Anubhav ji also trying to come out with complete chit….so for that…we should all support anubhav ji…..

How to Migrate Social trade to frenzzup

Daily Work Process in  Frenzzup

Please follow below steps to migrate services from socialtrade to frenzzup..

1) Login to with your Id and Password.

2) Click on Migrate services.

3) Check the I Agree and Confirm.

4) Click on Migrate services.

5) You will get Transaction id. Save it for future reference.

6) Logout from socialtrade.


Please follow steps to create page and add campaign…

Login to

With your ST Id and Password.

1) Click on Create Page

2) Select the Category on which you want to create

3) Select the sub category as similar to the main Category

4) Enter the title of your page for promotion.

5) In the next page, you enter the notes of your page with short and brief descriptions

6) Finally select the logo of your Page

7) Click on Complete.

Now you can see your page under your Pages list.


To add campaign, Below are the steps..

1) Click on Advert on the left hand side of your main page.

2) Select Add campaign

3) select your campaign from the list

4) Select start date as today date

5) Select end date as after 6 months date

6) Select the state in which your page should promote

7) Select the region

8) Click on Submit. Your campaign will gets added.

Now Logout and Login again.

You are eligible to complete your daily task by using  below steps.

1) Go to Connect with Commercial pages. You can see adds as earlier. Complete the task

Intmaart update news

Intmaart updated news

All ST Distributors can become Affiliate of IntMaart by signing a online MOU with IntMaart.

They can login to IntMaart Affiliate Account using link. UserId and Password as same as before.

From Affiliate Panel they can view their Genealogy, My Team, My Business, Promotional Income.

Anybody can purchase product from IntMaart, Customer will be asked about the Affiliate ID while purchase.

5% refferal commission will be given to the respective affiliate.

8% Matching BV , Team referral commission will also be given to the respective affiliate.

Any Affiliate can signup for free with IntMaart. His Affiliate Account will be activated by the company after verification of the KYC & Contracts.

All Purchases will be made from IntMaart from30th January. All Payments made in Ablaze Info Solutions account will not be considered for any purchase and will be refunded to your account in next 15 days.

accepting Payments via NEFT only on IntMaart. Account number will be available on IntMaart website.

social trade migrating our platform

social trade migrating our platform from social media exchange ( to social networking and social ccommerce

social trade migrating our platform from social media exchange ( to social networking and social commerce, hence the new portals(, will be GOING LIVE on 28rd January 2017.

Guidelines for & will be available soon on respective websites.

We have discontinued 25% extra work on the purchase of 5000 or more ePoints as well as corresponding booster.

TDS deduction on redemption of ePoints has been modified to 5% w.e.f 23rd January 2017.

There are no Admin Charges applicable on redemption of ePoints.

All new purchase of ePoints will be in Multiples of 500 which means minimum purchase is of 500 ePoints and maximum upto 10,000 ePoints.