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Social Trade unity is a Whatsapp Group, who promots Social trade biz Online business and wants to explore Socialtrade biz business among people. It explains the procedure how to join and where to join in social trade. we are sharing our experience about social trade in this website and honestly support people who wants to join social trade online work. We have separate Whatsapp Group where we discuss the queries and takes care all the problems of our down line members only. Like : Experienced any Billing problem, approval of bank and other documents,support for promotional link, To Activate booster, Activate Account, Claim other bounce payment, More details… Whatsapp no: 9445555379


Social trade very important notification

Dear Users,

This is a very important notification for all the Users of Social Trade:

As our Accounts Team along with Banks are facing difficulty in tracking payments of new purchases made to Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank and Yes Bank; the Management has decided to take the following steps in consultation with our Auditors, Bankers and IT Service Providers. We have been working incessantly to solve these problems but we could conclude the following:


  • We are not accepting any new purchases from 12th January 2017 to 20th January 2017, so that we can clear all pending queries. We have also instructed our banks not to accept any payments during this period.
  • We will give extension for boosters falling during this period.
  • Daily Task will continue as per process excluding the holidays of 13th/14th/15th January 2017. Pending Tasks can be recalled as before.
  • The Social Trade software is also being transformed from the current platform to the newer platform; as we are creating ST Page. So as per the advice of our Data Centre Providers, they will be able to support us with a mild traffic or with a backed up Data Server. Hence, we are shifting to a separate server for Tasks only and the rest of the Transactions are being kept on HOLD during this audit period.
  • We further notify you that since Banks will be working with us on reconciliation which is expected to take at least 10 days, we will not be able to process any payments for the weekly payout of first two sessions of January 2017. We will disburse the pending payments in phases as we reconcile.
  • We would like to inform that we are setting up a new Customer Service Centre at our Corporate Office and we aim to start by 20th January 2017. We observe a lot of inconvenience being caused to our customers; hope all will enjoy their visit to Ablaze Noida Office after this date.
  • We target to launch our new initiative SOCIAL TRADE PAGE with Time Line (ST PAGE) on 17th January 2017.
  • By 31st January 2017, we expect all our users to replace their campaigns with ST Page; which means all users will have to create their own ST Page and submit them in their campaign.


Social Trade is an investment company?

Social Trade is not an ‘Investment Company’, it is a service/product based organization (under Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) which provides you Social Media Exchange (SME) concept of online barter system. It allows you to increase your social penetration and internet popularity while on the other side , you can get paid for promoting others on social media, which implies a user is both a consumer and service provider.

Social trade biz sharing bussiness Profit

​ST Announces Think Tank Group

Eligibility Criteria: 50000 BV Balancing
Time Duration : No Bound


1) Distributor Profile will be shared on ST Website in Think Tank Section

2) Participation in Ablaze Board Meetings

3) 1% of Entire ST Turn Over will be shared equally among all Think Tanks

There are 13 Leaders who has already qualified for Think Tank.
Get Ready for Blasting Opening of 2017.
Happy New Year



1.Payment in 15 minutes will be credited to your account after redeemed e points.

2.Social trade biz is going to launch Social Media Platform like Facebook with extra features.

3.Social trade biz will launch Digital India Card called DI CARD and if you charge it like paytm card for  recharging your phone, purchase railway tickets, online shopping with many more interesting features.

4.After migration of Social Trade with Microsoft server,it will never go slow and 5 crore users can visit website very smoothly at a time.

5.Very soon you will able to create ST page on Social trade website it is same like FaceBook page but extra features regarding promotion